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Written by Chris Fountain

This is the story of a man without a Country. Actually, it's the story of a man living life now, in 2012, but as if he were in the 18th century. And why would he choose to do this? Because his 2 lovely children have an English mother, so he's there in England to be a father to his children.
Even though he's extremely unhappy there, and has a "Great" case of the Blues!

So, he lives in a European welfare state, that being England. His founding fathers' fought desperately to be American, and not English, and he is experiencing the same things they did well over 225 years ago!

Taxation without Representation. Yes, he can pay more than 50% in income tax, plus a score of other taxes, but is not allowed to vote, even though he was granted the right to live there indefinitely! Triple the tax paid annually than need be. Traffic stoppages because the English will not modernize, and still have thousands of 200 year old bridges with only a single lane road, under or over the bridge. Judges and Lawyers that still wear wigs, as George Washington, John Adams, and John Hancock did 250 years ago! The list goes on and on, and you'll know it all soon enough.

And after more than a decade of this, with a path changing US Election upcoming back home, Chris tried his best to inform his fellow Americans what a second term for Obama would produce, a bonafied Welfare State like Great Britain! But, unfortunately, he was a day late and a dollar short, as usual, but he certainly tried his best to get another Republican in the White House, who would have kept America as it was founded when separating from Great Britain all those years ago............Capitalist, not Socialist!

This is also the story of a man who has faith in the only Religion on the planet that has any actual proof. Fountainism is the name, and its bible is not written on paper, by fellow human beings like you and me; but rather lived every day. There is no church in which to worship, and there is no plate passed around in which to donate money. But there is a god, and if you follow the only true bible he wrote for us, then you'll never go wrong in life. Well, you will, but you'll still get into heaven, and the price you pay for your earthly wrongs will be kept to a minimum penance. Or if they are severe penances, then you shall have a miracle to show for it. And it's proof, all the events in this book, it can be nothing else.

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Hope you enjoy the story!